Shaka vides

SHAKA is a completely new mode of social interaction and community building, like nothing out there.

Shaka is a geolocation based social platform that allows users to connect to people in their immediate proximity who share a common identity, interest, goal, activity or mood; share your contact details with a flick of your device and count the amount of times you have randomly interacted with a user.

Shaka vides


People form friendships based on certain definitive factors: common interests, proximity, physical attractiveness and through constant random interaction. Simple right? Well…

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Dense urban environments tend to exacerbate social distancing between people. Unless a person is inherently social, meeting new people can be a difficult and intimidating experience.



Our mission is to advance human interaction through the development of technology, while facilitating interpersonal face-to-face communication. And this is why Shaka was made.



User generated vibes is the main tool for audience communication. This allows us to send clear cut messages to our users in a language that they understand, increasing brand loyalty and involvement.

Vibes have pages where you can see everyone who on this vibe by proximity Coming soon: Vibe Wall where you can make posts pertaining to the topic of the Vibe


Around shows you everyone that is in your proximity sorted by distance. Here you can see the people that are currently logged into SHAKA. Around updates your location even when using the app in the background.


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